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Afrobuddh & Kakatsitsi Drummers - Obame
12" Vinyl
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Afrobuddh & Kakatsitsi Drummers


Round In Motion

Released: 5th September 2011 | 3 track remix ep
Afrobuddha is the hotly-awaited new music project from East London-based Japanese producer/DJ duo Kay Suzuki and Koichi Sakai, arguably two of the biggest and most respected names pushing at the boundaries of the capital's independent world music scene over the last five years. The first release to hail from the Afrobuddha banner will be OBAME, a powerful collaboration with the KAKATSITSI DRUMMERS, a Ghanaian drum and dance troupe, featuring pioneering drummers from the Ga tribe of Southern Ghana, with their roots in the fishing community of Jamestown. They combine traditional drumming grooves, played on a wide variety of West African drums, with melodies from bamboo flutes, xylophone and folkloric chants in stunning harmony. The track fuses their intoxicating raw drumming, traditional chants and bamboo flutes with Afrobuddha's unique rendering of modern dance music to create a truly spiritual dance music of our time. Osunlade (Yoruba) lovely music..thnx! Laurent Garnier (F-Communications) will play on my radio show. Nice tribal vibes. Nik Weston (Mukatsuku/GUYNAMUKAT) Round In Motion deliver some spiritual & hypnotic afro drumming deepness for the more descerning dancefloors.....Would love to see them perform this live ! Simbad Yeeeeeeees !!! This is beautiful!!!! Feeling all the mixes, perfect for my dj sets!! Dom Servini (WAH WAH 45) Great release! Readio edit played on my show on Monday Volcov (Neroli) I’m feeling the original mix! hot