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Ray Harris And The Fusion Experience - Scaramunga
12" Vinyl
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Ray Harris And The Fusion Experience


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Released: 29th March 2010 | 6 track funk album
First 12 ep that anticipate Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience debut album on RK. Raymond Harris from Glasgow successfully manages to blend dancefloor jazz with latin & brazilian vibes and a touch of funk. It did not take long for this musician to create a dedicated fan base and gain recognition and support from illustrious djs such as Mark Lamarr, Dj Maestro & Gerardo Frisina. Along with The Fusion Experience band Ray Harris has already undergone a lengthy tour of South-East Asia, won the Brewer Dolphin newcomer award, and opened for the late godfather of soul James Brown. These 12/EP features 6 tracks from the forthcoming album including 2 storming remixes from nu funk guru Lack of Afro. Recommended for the dancefloor.
"Really really loving the original mix of Scaramunga!"
Diesler, Tru Thoughts / Freestyle
"Scaramanga is a full-on Inspirational Dancer with loose percussion and jazz keys, love this to the max - musicianship is superb!"
Bob Jones, Future Soul
"Freedom is lovely jazz-tinged inspirational tune. Superb guitar and keys complimented with sweet harmonies. "
Bob Jones, Future Soul
"The Scaramunga rmx by Lack of Afro takes the music to another level complete with funky guitar and sax riffs with superb flying congas!"
Bob Jones, Future Soul
"LOVE the Lack Of Afro remix of Freedom...playing it on the radio right now!! "
Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s / Shook Mag /
"Scaramunga is hot! And the Lack Of Afro Remix of Freedom is great too!!! "
Michael Ruetten, Soul Searching / Compost
"I love Scaramanga's Jazz Edit, pure Latin Jazz Fire...I also dig Freedom's album version and relax on Tokyo Blue.."
Rocco Pandiani, Right Tempo
"I love Scaramunga the album version, its right up my street, I would recommend it for the dance floor, its exciting and over comes you with the vocals"
Perry Louis, Jazzcotech
"“These tracks are on fire, screaming hammond, amazing percussion, psychedelic overtones, absolutely epic arrangement, everything one could wish for!” "
Pete Isaac, Jelly Jazz / Phonic FM