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Smoove  b/w Speedometer - Big Balls b/w Power generation
7" Vinyl
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Smoove b/w Speedometer

Big Balls b/w Power generation

Record Kicks

Released: 23rd January 2006 | 2 track single
Second release from the Record Kicks 45 collection - dedicated to the best of contemporary funk, soul and dance-floor jazz scene & essential to every funk, soul and rare groove DJ. This release features 2 more young bands of promise in the contemporary funk & soul scene, Smoove and Speedometer. Smoove are Sir Eddie Piller's last discovery as far as coolness is concerned. Anticipated by the success of the single 'Revolution will be televised', their debut album 'Dead Man Shirt', which was just released on Acid Jazz Records, was much praised by the critics. 'Big Balls', a groovy dance-floor jazz instrumental track, is an out-and-out irresistible driving force that absolutely validates all the positive reviews on this London based one-man band. On the flip see Speedometer with 'Power Generation' a damn hot dancefloor funk track!'