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Hector Rivera - I want a Chance for Romance
7" Vinyl
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Hector Rivera

I want a Chance for Romance

Record Kicks

Released: 23rd October 2006 | 2 track single
Soulful Torino Records a new imprint born by Torino rare groove dj crew and Record Kicks join their forces to reissue the giant latin soul hit 'I Wanna chance for romance' by latin legend Hector Rivera. The track was originally recorded back in 1967 and it's probably the most infectious latin soul monster ever recorded. Keyboardist, arranger, and composer Hector Rivera like the more famed Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers, Ray Barretto and Joe Bataan was one of the more renowned performers of Latin BOOGALOO era. His biggest hit was 'At the party' which became very popular at the end of the 60s. 'I Want chance for romance ' from the same period, has been a massive spin both on soul, mod and deep funk dancefloors for over 30 years! On the B side for the first time on 7' the groovy instrumental version. USE IT! BEFORE YOU LOOSE IT MAN!'