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Enzo Bontempi - Italian Spiderman Theme
7" Vinyl
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Enzo Bontempi

Italian Spiderman Theme

Record Kicks

Released: 7th April 2008 | 2 track film soundtracks single
In 1964 Alrugo Entertainment went in to production of the feature film Italian Spiderman, four years later, the film was complete and the company was bankrupt. The film was considered so edgy and generally confusing that no distributors would pick it up. The only artist signed to Alrugodisc, was Enzo Bontempi, the man responsible for composing the Italian Spiderman soundtrack. In November 2007 Luis of Soulful Torino Records found the original master. Always on the lookout for an undiscovered jem, Luis and his partner Jimmy did not hesitate to investigate. They discovered Alrugodisc's entire back catalogue including the Soundtrack to Italian Spiderman. Upon hearing that the grandsons of Alfonso Alrugo had discovered the lost print of Italian Spiderman and were planing to restore and distribute the film via the net (the trailer on Youtube scored almost a million views in six months!), they made contact and struck a deal to release the Italian Spiderman soundtrack to the world via Soulful Torino Records / Record Kicks. The first single features The Italian Spiderman Theme a killer R&B Garage dancer with powerful Franco Franchetti' breaks. On the flip the groovy Bangarang a superb funk tune with astounding trumpet solo.