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Soulful Torino Orchestra - Soulburger
7" Vinyl
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Soulful Torino Orchestra


Record Kicks

Released: 2nd June 2008 | 2 track funk single
Here we have the 1st single of the SOULFUL ORCHESTRA: a shoutin r'n'b instrumental with a catchy bass, heavy drums and powerful horns. The band, produced by Luis & Jimmy, is an allstar combo of musicians coming from top italian bands such as The Bluebeaters, Africa United and Statuto. Like all the Soulful Torino releases another dancefloor oriented track, a sure shot floor filler. SOUL BURGER is gonna do the job! On the flip side a funky taste from the Bolognina scene. Dj Tib, recently appeared on Jazzman 12' with a awesome re-edit of Willie Wrright's Right On, here rebuilds Soul Burger groove with the help of Brother Martin on flute. Massive!