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The Crabs Corporation - Let It Go
7" Vinyl

The Crabs Corporation

Let It Go

Record Kicks

Released: 14th September 2009 | 2 track reggae single
Record kicks is pleased to welcome on board early reggae new boss in town The Crabs Corporation. For their first single these four young lads from Buenos Aires have recruited nothing less then Jennie Matthias and Dave Barker. Jen was lead singers of the Belle stars, during the 80s they scored a number of hits including smashing singles sign of the time. David Barker needs no presentation, he's a truly living legend of Jamaican music. During the 60s he recorded for Duke Reid, Coxsone Dodd and Lee Perry. He recorded eith The Technics, Upsetters and The Wailers and scored hits like Prisoner of Love, Shocks of a Mighty and Spinning Wheel. At the beginning of the 70s he moved to London and in 1971 he released number 1 hit Double Barrel as part of a duo with Ansell Collins. Here Jen & Dave make all their class available to the young Crabs to score this hot, early reggae 7 able to set every dancefloor on fire! Sales Points: - Features Jmaican legend Dave double barel Barker and Jennifer belle stars Matthias.
"Record Kicks keeping the standard up as ever with some solid releases right now"
Andy Smith
"The unmistakable toasting tones of Dave Barker mix with former Belle Star Jen Mattias's delicious vocal exceptional skinhead reggae stomp"
Lois Wilson, MOJO