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Calibro 35 - The Butcher's Bride / Get Carter
7" Vinyl
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Calibro 35

The Butcher's Bride / Get Carter

Record Kicks

Released: 6th October 2014 | 2 track funk ep

Italian crime funk heroes Calibro 35 strikes again with another limited edition 45 vinyl. On the A side the new single Butcher's Bride a super groovy and orgasmic hip shaker that features lovely Serena Altavilla on vocals. Pure party sound! The flip side is a brand new killer cover up version of Roy Bud's anthem Get Carter. Persistent and pshychedalic as hell!

Recently sampled by folks like Jay-Z and Damon Albarn, Calibro 35 are a super cult Italian combo devoted to Italian soundtracks music of the 70s. As Rolling Stone Magazine stated Calibro 35 are the most fascinating, retro-maniac and genuine thing, that happened to Italy in the last years. The band landed on Record Kicks last winter, with their fourth studio album Traditori di Tutti. Thanks to a couple of sold out European tours that followed the release of Traditori Di Tutti, the guys are quickly becoming increasingly dominant in the International scene, starting to make a bunch of fans all around the world. The 45 is a limited edition to 600 copies worldwide.

Watch out, all previous Calibro's 45s sold out at the release date and are already collector's item.

"An absolute delight!"
Jazz Thing Magazine (DE)
"amn! These guys just keep getting better and better with each new release and have found a fuzzy funky space that's all their own!"
Dusty Groove Chicago
"pure lysergic library jazz… super cool!”"
Jazzman Gerald, Jazzman Records