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Enzo Bontempi - Italian Spiderman EP

Enzo Bontempi

Italian Spiderman EP

Record Kicks

Released: 15th September 2008 | 4 track funk ep
Italian Spiderman, a mock three-minute 'trailer' for a very bad 1964 Italian film that never existed, initially achieved cult status on the internet hosting sites YouTube and MySpace. It has since gone on to international fame, garnering more than 2 millions hits in its five-month life on the web which trailer in 6 months has been seen on YouTube by more people than 4 Oscars winner No country for old man by Cohen brothers. The project gained hype also on some of the majors internationals TV channels such us RAI TV Italy, BBC UK, NBC US. Full movie is coming to the web in 10 episodes, weekly uploaded. From Myspace to Facebook, Italian Spiderman has also conquered world wide web! After the first amazing two tracks Italian spiderman theme and Bangarang available on 45rpm and digital download, Record Kicks proudly present Italian spiderman EP with 2 brand new awesome tracks The chase and Una cosa stupido from the movie soundtrack... don't miss it.