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Nick Pride & Pimptones - Remixed Feast of Jazz

Nick Pride & Pimptones

Remixed Feast of Jazz

Record Kicks

Released: 20th February 2012 | 13 track funk album
When NICK PRIDE & THE PIMPTONES released debut album “Midnight Feast Of Jazz†both critics and public alike were quick to pick up on this outfit’s jazz-infused funky sound. With a swift shift of gears however, guitarist Nick Pride and his Pimptones band prepare to launch “Remixed Feast Of Jazzâ€, in which top producers such as Tm Juke, Smoove, Diesler, Soopasoul and many many more were allowed to add their personal touch to the tunes featured in the group’s debut full-length. The result is 13 tracks of pure sonic delight, with influences ranging from nu funk to jazz-dance, from nu bossa to disco, with a heavy selection of contagious rhythms and breakbeats galore. A feast for the ears, the feet and the soul!