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Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers

Tell Me Something (Liberties) / Je m'appelle le saxophone

Record Kicks

Released: 6th May 2013 | 2 track funk single

Brand new single from UK deep soul's new diva Hannah Williams with her Tastemakers. The latest Record Kicks signing has been hailed by reviewers in every corner of the world since the release of their debut album A hill of feathers. The album went straight onto iTunes UK, Germany, Italy and Greece charts. Video of first single Work it out has been on rotation on MTV Japan where the album has been released by legendary P-Vine records, while in Europe it's has been on rotation amongst the others on Jazz FM & BBC6 (UK), Radio Capital & Radio 3 (ITA), RADIO 1 (BE), RADIO 6 (NL). Deep soul new single Tell me something (liberties) is flipped by the unreleased track Je M'apelle le Saxophone.