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Il Complesso Di Tadà - Mah Na Mah Na (feat. Elio)

Il Complesso Di Tadà

Mah Na Mah Na (feat. Elio)

Record Kicks

Released: 27th May 2016 | 1 track tv soundtracks single

Conceived and produced by two-fifths of Italian Cinematic combo Calibro 35, guitarist Massimo Martellotta and 2016 Grammy Award winner producer Tommaso Colliva, Record Kicks proudly presents Il Complesso Di Tadà.Welcome to a new adventure in the world of the Italian coolest 60s sound. If Calibro 35 explores the weirdest side of Italian soundtracks, Il Complesso di Tadà focuses on the grooviest and hip-shaking side of Italian mid 60s TV music. The first single is a covere of Piero Umiliani's worldwide smashing hit Mah Na Mah Na, here sung by national icon Elio from Elio e Le Storie Tese. The album is coming out next 10 of June.