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Various Artists - Record Kicks Funk Sides

Various Artists

Record Kicks Funk Sides

Record Kicks

Released: 15th December 2017 | 14 track funk album

With its motto The explosive sound from Today's scene, Milan-based independent label Record Kicks, together with similar outfits like Daptone Records, Jazzman, Freestyle or Timmion, has been pitching the so-called Deep Funk scene for nearly 15 years. After the previous installment Soul Sides now it's time to Funk Sides another irresistibly infectious compilation made of 14 heavy funk stompers. Featuring tracks from Marta Ren & The Groovelvets, The Liberators, Hannah Williams & The Affirmations, Dojo Cuts, Martha High & Osaka Monaurail, Calibro 35 and many more.