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The Devonns - Think I'm Falling In Love

The Devonns

Think I'm Falling In Love

Record Kicks

Released: 14th September 2018 | 1 track funk single

After the release of the first single Come Back by the brand new Soul combo from Chicago The Devonns, Record Kicks announce the second single Think I'm Falling in Love, written by the band-leader Mathew Ajjarapu and arranged by Paul Von Mertens (The Beach Boys, Mavis Staples, Paul McCartney), which drops next July the 6th on digital. The new single is an appetizer of their debut full length, which is scheduled to be released on Record Kicks next autumn.

The Devonns started in 2016 after multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Mathew Ajjarapu dropped out of med school and found himself unemployed and drifting. Listening to music constantly at this time, he found himself drawn over and over to underground soul hits from the late 60s and early 70s. Completely hooked on their steady groove and impeccable production and arranging values, he paired up with some of the best musicians Chicago has to offer founded The Devonns. Despite their very young age the lads have very clear in their mind what to do, pulling from influences such as The Impressions, Leroy Hutson and The Isley Brothers.