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the underbelly ft.roxie ray - Seven Feet Under
CD Album
Vinyl LP

the underbelly ft.roxie ray

Seven Feet Under

Record Kicks

Released: 22nd March 2010 | 13 track funk album
The Underbelly are a five piece uptempo funk band from Cornwall, comprised of tenor sax, alto sax, flute/baritone sax, guitar, drums and bass, delivering high energy dancefloor-friendly funk music. After being the resident band for Pete Isaac's legendary Jelly Jazz parties, The Underbelly are now ready to launch their recording career with this debut full-length, for which they recruited the powerful voice of Dojo Cuts singer Roxie Ray on three tracks. Anticipated by the release of 45 I keep heading on sung by Miss Ray, with the driving rhythms of Cold Toast on the B-side, Seven Feet Under is set to redefine the modern funk scene. The album kicks off to a strong start with the soulful, uplifting grooves of instrumental V-funk, and proceeds to capture all the raw, live energy that established The Underbelly as one of the most exciting funk bands to emerge today. From the fast-paced Erik fm, to the more mellow and laid-back jazz-feel of Packin Up, this album is by no means a typical debut, but rather a confident display of tight musicianship, innovative sounds and infectious breakbeats. Already counting on the support of DJs such as Craig Charles, who called them the find of the year during his show on BBC 2, The Underbelly put a modern, edgy twist on the classic sounds of soul and funk, resulting in an album that captures the ears and feet of anyone in a 5 mile radius, so careful how high you turn your speakers on!
"Eric FM kicks ass! I'm gonna play it on the radio tomorrow! "
Pete Isaac, Jelly Jazz
"“Nice slice of classic funk!”"
Eddie Piller, Acid Jazz / BBC 4
"These Cornish funksters are the find of the year!"
Craig Charles, Funk&Soul Show on BBC6
"“Some more raw funk from the Record Kicks camp and sounding on point to me!”"
DJ Andy Smith
"Superb instrumentals-some with a jazz & Afro funk feel. The raw vocals of Roxie Ray are a dream and the whole album rolls along like an express train"
Bob Jones, Future Soul
"“Great tracks - looking forward to hearing more from them!!”"
Diesler, Tru Thoughts / Freestyle
"Yeah! I really like this. "
Adrian Gibson, Freestyle Records
"Stunning. Loving the tunes to bits. Big and beefy, just how we like our funk!” "
Craig Charles, Craig Charles Funk & Soul