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FaltyDL - Heaven Is for Quitters Remixes, Vol. 1
12" Vinyl


Heaven Is for Quitters Remixes, Vol. 1

Blueberry Records

Released: 15th September 2017 | 4 track house ep

D&C (The Cyclist Remix) - Closing track D&C from FaltyDL's last album 'Heaven Is For Quitters' gets the full frontal workout from The Cyclist who turns the ambient album closer into a powerful stomping bass heavy remix. The shuffle reminds of old school FaltyDL productions with added up to date production techniques. Heavy.

Frigid Air (O'Flynn Remix) - O'Flynn lends his gentle touch reminiscent of Floating Points with a bubbly beautiful emotional workout of Frigid Air, Falty's album collaboration with Mike Paradinas.

Neeloon (Palms Trax Remix) - Dekmantel stalwart Palms Trax plays gentle and dance floor friendly with this suburb clean remix of Neeloon, a sci-fi escape soundtrack. Hands in the air, the four four bounce is festival ready.

Drugs feat Rosie Lowe (Kaidi Tatham Remix) - Kaiti Tatham has been a long time influence on FaltyDL. This jazzy fluid musical remix with pin point accurate drums and flowing Rhodes plays against the raspy beautiful vocals from Rosie Lowe. For the come down crew.