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The Slingshots - Coffee Cold / She Ain't Got No Soul
7" Vinyl
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The Slingshots

Coffee Cold / She Ain't Got No Soul

Rocafort Records

Released: 11th May 2015 | 2 track funk single

The refreshing sound of the Barcelona soul funk movement!

Coffee Coldis a cover song which was originally recorded as a vocal with music by Galt MacDermot and lyrics by Bill Dumaresq. It appeared on the WOMAN IS SWEETER soundtrack sung by Fergus MacRoy on Kilmarnock Records. The instrumental is from the album SHAPES OF RHYTHM on Kilmarnock Records.

The Slingshots were born in August of 2008 with the idea of recalling and recovering the rhythmic energy of deep funk, the warm vocal melodies of soul and the rich instrumental approach of jazz, from its origins until our times, to offer a danceable rich selection of music and sounds.

"The SLINGSHOTS sound every bit as authentic as the 60s funk movement that inspired them... But come with today's production power. The perfect blend."
Juno Records
"Coffee Cold' is a track that definitely falls into the unfuckablewith category as far as we are concerned"
Flea Market Funk