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Cissé Abdoulaye - Aw' Ye Douba Ke (45 Edit) / A Son Magni [Voodoocuts Re-Edit]
7" Vinyl
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Cissé Abdoulaye

Aw' Ye Douba Ke (45 Edit) / A Son Magni [Voodoocuts Re-Edit]

Rocafort Records

Released: 11th December 2015 | 2 track afrobeat single

During the twentieth century, the atlantic side of Africa transforms itself into a laboratory of musical experimentation. The rivers, beginning with the mighty Congo, offer new ways of cultural penetration. Easily accessible, inexpensive and durable, the 7-inch single becomes the format of preference across the continent as the 1960s unfold and outside influences fuse with rich African traditions. The single becomes the calling card for many African artists.

Side A: Carried by a tense guitar riff and incisive rhythm, A son magni evokes the bad character of his fiancee. For Cisse, a song must always convey a message. A song is not great but the content is according to a Bambara proverb. The song has been reedited by Voodoocuts and approved by Abdoulaye Cisse himself.

Side B: In a modernist afrobeat vein, the dazzling Aw ye douba keis at the crossroads of two decades. As he says: The great men are gone, our world is adrift because we've lost our virtues and our knowledge of how to be. Nothing is certain, we must show solidarity and consideration when thinking about the future. I speak of all those who have been at the root of independence and given Africa its freedom.