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Andy Cooper - Here Comes Another One / The Perfect Definition
12" Vinyl

Andy Cooper

Here Comes Another One / The Perfect Definition

Rocafort Records

Released: 24th November 2017 | 6 track boom bap/nineties single

This rare 12 outing from Rocafort Records features the rapping and production talents of Andy Cooper (Ugly Duckling/The Allergies). Taken from the forthcoming album 'The Layered Effect', both tracks throw you around the hip hop boxing ring, slapping you hard with the prerequisites needed for microphone supremacy. Lyrically tough and musically nimble, Andy swings at you somewhere between the artful dodger and a heavyweight pugilist.

The irresistably bouyant 'Here Comes Another One' opens by means of an elegant old jazz trumpet whose player states rhythm is my business. Get the picture? It's a choppy, jazztastic journey. Cleverly underpinned by a gorgeous jazz piano, horns, sharp beats and aural treats, suddenly mashed up by a reggae toasting session on speed courtesy of Blabbermouf.

'The Perfect Definition' has a heavier step and a more serious punch. Fresh and funky attitude meets a deeply earnest reverence towards microphone art, a theme echoed throughout the LP and cherisheddearly by Cooper.

Two tracks that certainly roll with the punches.Out in November. A sure tonic to the winter blues.

"Andy Cooper has once again left other producers in his dust, weaving a whole stack of samples together perfectly for himself & BlabberMouf to flow effortlessly over. If only there were more Hip Hop songs like this still being made in 2017!"
DJ Format
"Jazz-tastic & boombastic! This track takes me back to the kind of Golden age Hip Hop that puts a smile on my face and makes my head nod like a dashboard dog!"
Shawn Lee
"Hot New Andy Cooper Single - sounds like a Funky Golden Era Classic (Freestyle Fellowship /DAS EFX flows) but with production values for 2018...a must-have for DJs & Rap heads alike"
Boca 45, 45Live
"Dope! I'm loving the super slick lean on the jazz-tastic production. A perfect beat for my favourite rapper who ever did do it, Mr Andy Cooper, to sock it to 'em with more career best punches and lines. Shouts to Blabbermouf, too, who straight spins me out with that tongue-twisting flow. I'd give it nine thumbs up, if I could"
DJ Moneyshot, The Allergies
"I tried to listen to 'Here Comes Another One' but the lyrical onslaught was so intense that my turntable exploded mid-song"
Young Einstein, Ugly Duckling
"I love this, following the blueprint for my favourite kind of rap - a big jazzy baseline, hard drums, a touch of piano and a sprinkling of horns. All the ingredients are here. Add to that the ever on-point flows of Mr. Andy Cooper and Blabbermouf's rapid-fire Chip-Fu reminiscence rhymes and you got that brand new classic material."
DJ Woody
"This huge track reminds me why I love hip-hop. Essential release, can't wait to play it loud!"
DJ Suspect
"“One of the tightest Emcees in the game is back with a jazzy neck-breaker. Andy Cooper and Blabbermouf both rip the track lyrically over an infectious beat guaranteed to be played on repeat.”"
Jim Sharp
"How can something sound simultaneously like it's from 1992 and yet fresh for 2018? I have no idea, but why don't you buy this record and try working it out for yourself? Andy Cooper always delivers the dope"
DJ Yoda
"Here Comes Another One' catches you with classy production and dope flows from cornerstones of the worldwide true school family."
Marc Hype, Dusty Donuts