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Various Artists - Funk for the People
Vinyl LP
Out 12th October 2018
Out 12th October 2018

Various Artists

Funk for the People

Rocafort Records

Expected: 12th October 2018 | 13 track funk album

Perlman's got beats and it ain't no secret. - The Beastie Boys

This lyric might have slid right by you while you were listening to Ill Communication, but the Beastie Boys were not playing when they said that. Robert Perlman, a native New Yorker, was way ahead of the curve and would stockpile an arsenal of heavy duty vinyl way before the 45 record craze took over. This compilation of over a dozen tracks represents a taste of the fruits of his hard work uncovering these often overlooked gems.

Including some personal notes from the artists you can find on this compilation.