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Ruff Sqwad - Back Door

Ruff Sqwad

Back Door

Ruff Sqwad

Released: 15th April 2016 | 3 track garage single

Ruff Sqwad is a grime crew,[1] the group was formed in 2001 in Bow, East London, various members and affiliates of the crew are considered key figures in the early development of grime music.[2]

Ruff Sqwad first became known in the early days of grime for the distinctive production style of the crews producers. Early Ruff Sqwad instrumentals released on white label are rare and fetch high prices on the second hand market,[3] notable early Ruff Sqwad instrumentals include Pied Piper,[4] Functions on the Low[5] and Misty Cold.[6] Functions on the Low, produced by Ruff Sqwad affiliate XTC has been described as one of the greatest tracks in the history of British electronic music.[7] The crew has released two mixtapes Guns and Roses Volume. 1and Guns and Roses Volume. 2 as well as an instrumental compilation album White Label Classics.[8][9]

"Glad to have Ruff Sqwad back!! lets get it in lads"
Logan Sama, Peer
"Ruff Sqwad have always been sick at making hits!!"
Wiley, Peer
"Ruff Sqwad are the original Don Dadaz"
Dj Spyro, Dj
"When you lot get together its a madness"
Frisco, peer
"Ruff Sqwad are a Legendary crew."
Ghetts, Peer
"Xtra is one of the best ever grime tunes"
Butterz, peer
"I was inspired by Rapid and that Ruff Sqwad sound"
Rude Kid, peer
"Ruff Sqwad are back"
Eskimo Dance Promotions, Promoter
"Back Door has the potential to be the new oi"
Mikil Pane, peer
"we love Ruff Sqwad"
Future Brown, peer