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Defcon - In Binary Shrines


In Binary Shrines

Reset Industries

Released: 17th September 2012 | 9 track downtempo ep

The inaugural release on Reset Industries is Defcon's 'In Binary Shrines', a nine track mini-album of dub-inflected, cosmic hiphop, for fans of deep, emotive electronic music.

The Belfast-based producer's singular style marries crisp, addictive hip-hop drum patterns with an altogether more other-worldly palette of sounds - blending decimated soul and funk samples with sci-fi synth atmospheres, dub pyrotechnics and over-lapping layers of rich, textural detail.

Opener 'Birth in reverse' builds from damaged synth drones and mashed vocal samples, leaves the launchpad strapped to a weighty head-nodder of a beat, then collapses back in upon itself seconds later, before fizzing off into the ether in a blaze of smoked-out dub FX and digital noise. 'Low orbit ion canon' deploys a barrage of clipped and pitch-shifted vocal snippets over a driving 4x4 rhythm that glides by on silky polysix chords and addictive, intertwining arpeggios.

Title track 'In binary shrines' bumps and cracks along on top of booming sub hits, juxtaposing sparkling harps and worn-out vocal samples against a futuristic backdrop of sci-fi synth textures and dub atmospheres, before 'Matter over mind' rounds the release off on a similarly spectral note to which it started, gliding back into the cosmic ether on mournful synth swells.

"So lush and intricate, attention to detail second to none. Vibes vibes and more vibes!"
Cosmin TRG, 50 weapons, Rush Hour
"I really like this release, it delivers on lots of levels. Reset are off to a great start."
Boxcutter (aka The Host), Planet Mu
"Like a ride through an intergalactic fun fair."
Philly Taggart, BBC Radio 1
"It's like a film...such a huge amount of work put in there, so many elements to discover. Wow, great discovery for me!"
Items, Airflex Labs
"Fantastic album. 'Living Lazers' is the standout for me."
Sina, Project Mooncircle
"Smooth as hell... Defcon proves himself an expert magpie, totally in control of his technological tools."
Ian Maleny, AU magazine