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Jo Stance - hey girl!
7" Vinyl
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Jo Stance

hey girl!

Ricky Tick

Released: 26th July 2010 | 2 track crossover jazz single
Jo Stance is a new project by upcoming Finnish vocalist Johanna Forsti and drummer-producer Teppo 'Teddy Rok' Makynen. With the release of the single 'Hey Girl!' on Ricky-Tick Records in June, they set up great expectations for the upcoming full-length due out in the fall. Johanna Forsti is a charismatic singer, who has been a mainstay in the Finnish scene for some time already, making a strong impact with her rare brand of charisma and impeccable vocal skills. Now coming up is 'Jo Stance', her first album proper. Jo Stance, a project co-produced, written, and conceived by Forsti and Teppo 'Teddy Rok' Makynen, the man behind Ricky-Tick's lauded The Stance Brothers pseudonym. 'Hey Girl!', the first Jo Stance release, introduces a sound that is instantly approachable, and at the same time deep and filled with innovation. The song's vintage mood is matched by first-rate songwriting and production by Forsti and Makynen, who also play all the instruments on the track. The sessions for the Jo Stance project took place in 2009-10 at Makynen's home studio, and the immediacy of the recordings translates well on the compact, organic groove of the track. Soulful to the bone and with just the right amount of roughness around the edges, 'Hey Girl!' is a winner. In all likelihood, the LP coming up later in 2010 on Ricky-Tick Records will follow suit.