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Ricky-Tick Big Band - Ricky-Tick Big Band
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Ricky-Tick Big Band

Ricky-Tick Big Band

Ricky Tick

Released: 29th November 2010 | 8 track crossover jazz album
Ricky-Tick Big Band ranks among the most notable newcomers in the international jazz circuit in 2010. Led by composer/guitarist Valtteri Poyhonen, also the leader of the successful Ricky-Tick sextet Dalindeo, the 15-strong ensemble displays a remarkable array of young talent from the Finnish jazz scene. The crux of the Ricky-Tick Big Band sound lies in the swing band tradition stemming from the early jazz of circa 1930's onwards. The ghosts of Duke Ellington and Jimmy Lunchford lurk on the background, while Valtteri Poyhonen's canny songwriting utilises the tradition and molds it anew into contemporary jazz with firm roots. In addition to the early jazz with edge to it, also soundtrack music, modern jazz greats, and the pentatonic structures of Ethiopian music have inspired Poyhonen during the process of composing. Poyhonen started contemplating his new big band in early 2009. He composed the tracks in Helsinki and Berlin, and hand-picked each of the players one by one to fit his ambitious demands of a modern professional big band. That is, an active unit rehearsing, recording and touring the jazz circuit on a regular basis - a stunt not easy to pull, be it artistically or financially. Ricky-Tick Big Band features several of the label's and the local scene's hard hitters, including Timo Lassy (sax), Jukka Eskola (trumpet) and Antti Lotjonen (bass) of The Five Corners Quintet fame, Antti Hynninen (sax) of Auteur Jazz, plus Dalindeo men Petri Puolitaival (sax), Jose Maenpaa (trumpet) and Jaska Lukkarinen (drums), to mention but a few. Finnish big band legend Antti Sarpila on clarinet adds experience to the group and unique texture to the songs with his tradition-based yet innovative stylings. The Ricky-Tick Big Band debut album is an eight-step crash course in dynamics for the contemporary big band: Poyhonen's compositions draw from the vast sonic palette of his large ensemble yet he never suffocates the aural picture on unnecessary avalanches of sound. The band does still launch on impressive feats of strength when needed, but also achieves a remarkable degree of delicacy in return. Uptempo highlights include the no-nonsense swagger of opener 'Swingtime in X-Berg', the hard swing of 'Easily Flammable', and the first-grade big band doner kebab of 'Skalitzer Special'. Compositions such as 'Komeda' and 'Babel' find Poyhonen and his entourage hit the spot in more serene moods. Any way you look at it, Ricky-Tick Big Band is a noteworthy addition to the contemporary jazz scene. Grooving away with intensity reminiscent of, say, the Clarke-Boland Big Band, and brimming with youthful energy, the orchestra is set to stun. Early live reports confirm the ensemble's high potential, and have gained them rave reviews from various Finnish festival scene highlights such as Flow Festival, Pori Jazz and Ilosaarirock.