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Touchy Subject - Skyward EP
12" Vinyl
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Touchy Subject

Skyward EP

Rua Sound

Released: 2nd June 2017 | 4 track jungle/drum 'n' bass ep

London-based producer, turntablist and artist Touchy Subject (Numbers, Astrophonica, Medallion Sound) unites dancefloor energy, technical wizardry and dub reggae movements on a 4 track release for Irish imprint Rua Sound. The Skyward EP draws on high speed riddims, junglist bloodlines, crunchy glitch and grinding low end pressure to deliver a fresh, creative 12 full of tantalizing detail.

Side-A goes out to the beats crew. 'Syncronisation' enters fast and low, its rolling bassline and hyper-edits flattening everything in its path with footwork-like urgency. Free continues the theme, with a devilishly original take on chopped up junglism, it's colourful bassline dancing around an innovative drum track that hits harder and harder.

Side-B goes in heavy right away on a tough hybridized dub reggae tip. 'No War' stomps with a surging low end and an unforgiving but smooth, strolling drum track. Junior Dread's tidy vocal and Touchy Subject's trademark intricate breaksmanship complete the heavily roots & jungle inspired feeling on this remix collab with Dark Futures. 'Creationz' brings the EP to a conclusion with swagger and glitch applied to traditional dub techniques, selective sampling and half-time sensibilities.

Support form Fracture, TMSV, Moresounds, Sam Binga, Itoa, Jon1st, Etch....

I have been opening my sets with this great remix of the dub classic on Reality Shock Records. I really like how Touchy Subject and Dark Futures made the bassline creep in quietly and then made it lunge out — that tune structure gets a crowd-hype every time.

Sinistarr DJ Mag Top 10, July 2017:

"Typical Touchy Subject - its weird but very playable and infectious. No War remix is my percy ingle"
Fracture, Astrophonica
"More utterly unique and borderline bonkers dancefloor mashups from Touchy Subject. twisted takes on the classic elements of UK dance music - jungle, dub, hardcore - but not backwards looking at all, as the influence of footwork and beyond is equally strong. wicked stuff from a one-away musical mind"
Sam Binga, Critical Music, Exit Records
"It's impossible to pick a favourite, all four tracks are certified bangers. This EP hasn't left my USB for months."
TMSV, Cosmic Bridge, Rua Sound
"Wicked Rua Sound release, 4 tracks Killer from man Touchy Subject, I've been playing ALL thoses tracks!!!!! Full Support here! Big ups"
Moresounds, Cosmic Bridge, Astrophonica
"I will be thrashing these!!"
Itoa, Roots & Future; Bad Taste
"Love it!"
Jon1st, 20/20; Fly Hi Radio
"this one soundin live-o!!!"
Etch, Bun the Grid, Purple City Souffle,