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Lynch Kingsley - Echosystem
12" Vinyl

Lynch Kingsley


Rua Sound

Released: 29th June 2018 | 4 track jungle/drum 'n' bass ep

Rua Sound is proud to present the Echosystem EP from Lynch Kingsley.

On his first 12 of the year, the Italian producer continues to carve out a space that is entirely his own. Over four tracks, Lynch lays out an array of rhythms and styles that don't square well with gentrification. Iin proper Rua style, there's plenty in there for the dnb, jungle, dub and footwork heads to be get on with.

Opening track Eternal Sunset kicks off as a gentle percussive lilt that eventually uncoils into smooth chords before making a moodier dash to the finishing line over an urgent throbbing bassline and a distant vocal refrain. A bit like the part of the sunset when the beer garden turns shady all of a sudden and your whole crew legs it to the other beer garden up the road that your mate swears is still a sun trap at this hour.

Wild Obsession takes a more frantic rolling approach with a hypnotic banjo refrain, a throaty ragga vocal, and the kind of gleefully non-repetitive break-switching rollout that was once the hallmark of *very* early Full Cycle material but with a very modern spin. A rootsy, wavey party banger with a riff that's catchier than chlamydia and more low end beef than a burger van.

Title track Echosystem sails out into heady experimental dub territory with a simple melodic refrain just about managing to rein in a furiously edited groove. It's cerebral, wildly exuberant and tranquil all at once, a bit like nailing the Irish Times cryptic crossword in the middle of a crowded roots reggae dance.

Rounding thing off with the traditional B2 banger, the aptly named Deadly feat. Dreamers chief Neve, ramps up the skanking energy with a looped reggae vocal, an absolutely trouser browner of a bassline, a whole succession of frantically spliced halftime jungle breaks switching up with gleeful abandon and footworky twitches. All artfully arranged over a low slung soundsystem groove that you'll find yourself missing like a long lost friend after your six minutes together is up. For the best experience possible, wait till five minutes in before allowing the rewind. G'wan!

Full release drops 29 June.

"All four tracks are quality, great mixture of vibes throughout the EP"
J Kenzo, Artikal Music
"sick af"
Tim Parker, NTS
"Loving Echosystem and Deadly!"
Jon1st, 20/20
"A great and varied release for Rua x LK!!!"
Itoa, Roots & Future, Bad Taste
Etch, Bun The Grid
"Eternal Sunset is a beaut. A nice mash up of styles this."
Repertoire Records, Repertoire Records