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Benjamin Shaw - Guppy

Benjamin Shaw


Rumfucker Recordings

Released: 17th July 2015 | 8 track leftfield/idm album

Guppy is the fifth album by Canadian born, Blackpool raised, and London beaten Benjamin Shaw.

Previously tagged as the singer/songwriter who hates singer/songwriters (expressed sharply on 'There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet' and 'Goodbye, Cagoule World' released on London label Audio Antihero), Guppy follows a different path, much more in the vein of his two largely instrumental albums 'Rumfucker' and 'Summer in the Box Room'.

Opening through a fog of feedback with the line I don't know what I should do with all this great potential, I'll probably piss it up the wall and claim artistic intention, Guppy then eschews the whole singing thing for waves of many-coloured drone, field recorded texture, and sun-struggling-to-break-through-heavy-cloud burnished flakes of melody, which only properly uncover themselves through close listening.

Self-recorded, self-mixed and self-mastered, it is very much a solo project from this bedroom miserablist Vangelis, but one with a panoramic scope and, occasionally, some useful life advice.