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Matter - Amphibios




Released: 20th May 2016 | 12 track underground rap/hip-hop album

Matter is an anomaly, a post-apocalyptic boyband that sounds and looks like nobody else, splits the public like Blade. People either love them or hate them, there's no in-between. A trio hailing from a small Slovenian town underneath the Alps, nourishes a trippy, gloomy anti-style. Slow, murky and minimalistic beats evoke a dystopian atmosphere and their non-linear, weed induced lyrics are often impossible to decipher, but stick in your head like a haunting memory.

Matter is an amphibian. Shameless terrestrial pop meets gloomy underwater. Droppin' knowledge meets random scatter of nonsense. Sound from beneath the Alps meets abstract confusion in the clouds. It's rap, but not Rap.

"[Apmhibios] is without a doubt one of the most expected albums in Slovenia at the moment – the group has been around only for a good year and their single “Meduze” is already an anthem, while their unusual lyric style is somehow controversial and launched more beer debates in 2015 than Eurovision."
"Anyways, the thing is, MATTER are cool!"
M - mag