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Borka - Paleyr Pinao


Paleyr Pinao


Released: 26th May 2017 | 5 track underground rap/hip-hop ep

Paleyr Pinao is a follow-up to Borka's Player Piano. The new remix EP delivers a fine stir from an exquisite selection of mixmasters.
The first one up is the synth lord and Activia Benz morning star Slugabed. His rework is followed by interventions by four Borka's comrades - the carons in their names are an obvious sign of their Ex-Yugoslav pedigree: Šuljo is one of the best rap producers Slovenia has to offer, Josip Klobučar is the Croatian king of layering psych beats, Blaž is the guy with the roller-coaster arrangements and Žiga Murko makes it slow, crooked and grainy.