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.čunfa - Venture




Released: 8th September 2017 | 4 track alternative rap/hip-hop ep

The extremely young producer .čunfa has been making a(n unpronounceable) name for himself for the last two years on all the platforms you would usually suspect, the highlights being his debut album Obsolete on Beton Rec, released in 2016 and the streaming follow-up 0 0 0 1 6 1 8 ep, possibly his most consistent work to date.

His sound has evolved from the classical lo-fi, rudimental, Roland 404, hissy, raw instrumental hiphop in all sorts of directions, forms and fashions. Sometimes a bit more melodic and branched, other times bassy.

His new EP is called Venture - an adventure outside of .čunfa's comfort zone, unified in a new work principle and structure but diverse in style. It's a meticulous study in exploiting string samples. We've all heard of the string theory. Here's the practice.