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Fulgeance - Step-Thru Remixes
7" Vinyl
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Step-Thru Remixes


Released: 20th January 2014 | 2 track laptronica ep

Last year, the ever-active beatsmith Fulgeance released the Step-Thru album on rx:tx Rec. as a limited-edition CD with hypnotic cover graphics. It was his back to the roots project - no fancy stuff, just simple and effective production that focuses on the key elements that make people move - the track's rhythmic swing, its bass melodies and haunting hooks.

Now, besides releasing heavy loads of new material on his own (last LP Cubes on Musique Large) and as one half of Souleance, Fulgeance finally sits back, relaxes and tosses four tracks from Step-Thru to four different remixers.

To start with the three hit French combo, first up is VECT, who is consistently producing some incredible out of the box hiphop & classy futuristic r'n'b beats. His take resulted in a head nodding piece, less of a remix than a total remake of the album opening track Whut It Iz.

On the B side of the 7 there's Moresounds, the Parisien dub and beats champion, who is lately on fire with his self-titled EP and who has previously released fierce tunes on Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge label. He delivers a deep and jukeish remake of the Wet track.

The digital only version of the release also features 2 additional tracks. The third remix from the French connection comes from the b-boy duo Funky Bijou as they add some melodic funk to the rightly titled Raw track.

To top it off here's Oknai, one of the most gifted, focused and consistent young talents whom we know for his excellent Ain't a Dream EP. He delivers a tight, subby, low down version of the track Square.