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Oknai - High Tide Remixed
12" Vinyl
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High Tide Remixed


Released: 9th March 2015 | 4 track downtempo ep

Oknai's High Tide album came out in mid 2014 and in 2015 rx:tx Rec finally reveals the remixes.

Oknai passed his music to a very diverse bunch of producers coming from USA to Russia. Opening the A side is a remix by the one of the veterans of the Los Angeles beats scene Free the Robots. The first track on the B side is a remix by Pixelord, the most exposed Russian beatmaker of the last few years. Accompanying Free The Robots, on the A side there is a remix by Borka, a man known for his playful synth lines and current main tastemaker for rx:tx. The B side also features Some1Else, one of Oknai's long time fellows and great influences.

The 12 comes packed in the label's signature die-cut design with the printed inner sleeve. It includes a free download code of the EP's digital edition which also contains the title track remixed by Moz into a hip hop headnoder.