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Andre Zimma - The Turbulence EP
12" Vinyl
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Andre Zimma

The Turbulence EP

Swedish Brandy Productions

Released: 25th September 2006 | 4 track ep
The Turbulence EP is the first release from Andre Zimma aka Slope on the Swedish Brandy label. On this Ep you will find the track ³You know like² featuring the wonderful voice of Clara Hill and Colin. ³You know like² could be described as a soulful broken beat number with a catchy bassline combined with strings and Fender Rhodes piano. Further more you find the track M.U.S.I.C, wich is a slightly more afrobeat inspiered broken beat tune, with a deep punchy bassline combined with funky keybord hooks to keep the party crowd busy. Essential dancefloor material for sure ! By Flipping the record, you will find the breakbeat monster tune ³Love is everywere². This tune is the ultimate B- Boy tune, packed with funky percussion and string arrangements. To describe it, imagine the combination of The Incredible Bongo Band with the jazzy basslines of Pharao Sanders...'