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Various Artists - VA#1
12" Vinyl

Various Artists



Released: 3rd November 2017 | 4 track techno ep

SBIRE begins. The newly founded label is curated by Swiss artists Isolated Lines, known for his edgy and razor sharp productions (on Tommy Four Seven's 47, among others), and Gaspard de la Montagne, who has been perfecting his sculptural and curiously optimistic vision of techno through his EPs on Creaked. SBR001 is a well-rounded compilation from their inner circle spanning from Grime over Raw House to Techno.

The opening transmission is from La Vie C'est Facile: A colourful and unpredictable, broken-beat cut that fuses elements of instrumental grime and hip-hop with a striking melody and spacious production. Gaspard De La Montagne (as GDLM) takes a more direct approach: His track builds slowly with a swing to the beat, leaving cavernous bass reverberations and stretched out, droning pads to pull you further in.

Isolates Lines' 'Lift' picks up where the A-side left off, mining a similar groove to GDLM's 'Larson' to equally stirring effect. The drums skip around a rubbery bassline as the track phases with sleight of hand progressions. Ockham & Soloporunbesso's fine contribution brings a Detroit edge to the record, closing it out on the crunch and sci-fi squelches of 'Hanche'. It ends a bold and neatly-executed EP that promises high quality and signals to the diverse intentions of the label.

"Slow burning track with a swing to the beat, leaving cavernous bass reverberations and droning pads to pull you further in."
Watch the hype, EXCLUSIVE: GDLM - Larson
"Isolated Lines and Gaspard De La Montagne combine forces to form their new imprint SBIRE, with a V/A compilation. The collection release reaches out to some of the key figures from the ever growing Swiss scene, as well as illuminating some of the less known talent coming out of the beautiful mountainous country. With tracks spanning from broken beat and grime to raw house and techno, the release displays a eccentric story of the alternating genres spanning Switzerland. The EP is a personal selection of flawlessly sculptured electronic cuts and we have the honour to premiere Ockham & Soloporunbesso’s Detroit infused track ‘Hanche’. The track supplies a warm saturated haze across the audio field, with surging bass kicks, murmuring vocals and jittering melodic sequences. In a way ‘Hanche’ rounds off the diverse and uniquely cohesive EP perfectly."
Hyponik, First Listen: Ockham & Soloporunbesso - Hanche
"Gaspard de la Montagne et Isolated Lines n’en sont pas à leur coup d’essai : les deux artistes suisses sont responsables de plusieurs EPs, parus chez Creaked pour le premier, chez 47 ou Illegal Alien pour le second. Pourtant, c’est bien une nouvelle étape de leur discographie qu’inaugure VA #1, première sortie de leur nouveau label Sbire, prévue pour le 3 novembre. Lancé autour de producteurs proches des deux artistes, Sbire démarre donc sous le signe d’une proximité – tous les producteurs présents sur la compilation sont également suisses – plus que d’une unité stylistique : c’est la diversité qui prime dans ce various, qui s’étend de la techno au grime. Premier titre de l’EP, et donc premier titre publié par Sbire, « Riven » nous fait ainsi rencontrer La Vie C’est Facile, pour un titre piochant dans le broken beat, le grime ou le dancehall actuel. Dépouillé à l’extrême, « Riven » laisse ses claviers scintillants s’exprimer longuement, ne faisant appel aux rythmiques que lorsque celles-ci se font absolument nécessaires. Lignes mélodiques épurées et basses minimalistes se combinent, tissant un ensemble minimaliste et joliment accrocheur, formant une parfaite introduction aux trois autres titres de l’EP, aux rythmiques plus marquées."
SeekSickSound, [Premiere] La Vie C'est Facile - Riven
"Crossing lines from the bright, spacious club deconstructions of Riven by La Vie C’est Facile, to a trio of murky, snaking techno plays taking in the lunky swagger of GDLM by Larson, the clunky rolige and upward tilting synths of Isolated Lines’ Lift, and, erm, some chunky, swanging house by Ockham & Soloporunbesso."