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Gaspard de La Montagne - Spectres
12" Vinyl

Gaspard de La Montagne



Released: 2nd March 2018 | 4 track techno ep

The second release on Sbire furthers the on-going collaboration between label co-founder Gaspard de La Montagne and Nathan Baumann. 'Spectres' is a bold, seductive and wonderfully-unhurried record which shows the breadth of the Sbire sound world.

The title track is orchestral and profoundly alluring, with an earworm bassline creeping out from behind the kick drum's refined thud. You're pulled further in by the lengthy intro of 'Aube', where floating pads, draw from the instrumental flair of classical music. Mid-way through they give way to a stripped-back bassline, exemplifying the nature of this collaboration.

B-side opener 'Masque' has harmonic beams of light swirling over its foundations. The melodies transfix and the drums keep time. 'Perspectives (1 & 2)' occupies a thin veil of haze, tempering the beat and bringing out the groove in the baggy percussion. In fitting style, it ends a record whose grace comes in the striking interactions between elements far-removed.

"What is special about this EP is how coherent the tracks are. Spectre affirms how De La Montagne is not only a musician, but a storyteller who precisely crafts sonic journeys capable of transporting you into an unearthly world of sounds. The EP has a cinematic structure where tension descends down from track to track, completely resolving by the last one. The last track is an opening for a new story with a higher level of intensity that would work better into a club."
Scene Noise
"Flawless, deep blue, Lounge compatible Ambient / Tech House / Techno excursion"
Hard Wax