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Isolated Lines - Front Line
12" Vinyl

Isolated Lines

Front Line


Released: 14th September 2018 | 4 track techno ep

Sbire label boss Isolated Lines and Colombian producer Gotshell come together in an inspired meeting of minds, collaborating on 'Particule' and 'Dual'. On the B-side, two solo tracks from Isolated Lines complete a high quality EP and step in a darker, dancefloor direction for the label.

Having met whilst Isolated Lines was touring in Colombia, the pair found common ground in their tendency towards austere atmospherics and tense exercises in rhythm. Their collaborations here are mind-bending bleep techno tracks with high-impact arrangement and sound design; 'Particule' recalling the eerieness of Isolated Lines' 'Obsid' on Tommy Four Seven's label 47. On the flip, his headier side is on show. Alluring pads sweep between the drums like an icy wind, making these the type of tracks that glow within a techno set. The record delivers on the high expectations set for these rising artists and shows Sbire to be pushing the front line.

"strong dark techno EP"
Laurent Garnier
"really vibing Tetrad, thxxx !"
Kangding Ray, (Raster-Noton, Stroboscopic Artefacts)
"really nice EP, originality and risk taken on the tribal distorted way."
AWB, (Taapion Records)
"Really like Tetrad!"
Ben Klock, (Berghain / B-Pitch / Memo / Ostgut Ton)
"great ep! full support!"
"Tribal rhythms, dark vibes. Time to take it back to the roots with Isolated Lines. The producer hasn't been around for very long but he's already made quite a name for himself, and it's no surprise when you hear cuts as strong as this. Deep and guaranteed to captivate, 'Tetrad' is supported by tribal drums and string section that will send tingles down your spine. 8/10"