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A Singer of Songs - Fading

A Singer of Songs


Son Canciones

Released: 9th September 2016 | 10 track singer-songwriter album

A farm in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by hills, horses and dry wind...; That's the place a Singer of Songs picked to record their fifth album Fading (Son Canciones, september 2016). Frank Rudow (Manta Ray, Suma, La Bien Querida) put wood on the stove and pushed all the right buttons. Lieven, Laura, Pau and Frank played the songs, sometimes wrapped in blankets to keep themselves from freezing. But it wasn't the fire nor the flannel that beat the cold... When nights get really chilly, only a song can save you.

"It's music like this that brightens my mind and makes me walk lighter through the day."
Folk Radio UK
"Lo-fi lullaby folk that falls on the ears as gently as snowflakes."
Metro UK
"His songs will remind you of Elliott Smith (...) They're the kind of songs that can change a life."
Lecool Barcelona
"A Singer of Songs never ceases to innovate."
Albert Puig, iCat
"Music that can make you cry just by listening to it. Amazingly beautiful!"
"Melancholic tales told with talent."
JM Freire, El Periódico de Cataluña