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Withered Hand & A Singer of Songs - Among Horses I

Withered Hand & A Singer of Songs

Among Horses I

Son Canciones

Released: 5th May 2017 | 6 track singer-songwriter ep

An organic farm in the middle of nowhere. Dry wind through dry leaves. Dogs sleeping a siesta in the sun. Rain that never comes. And horses. Always horses.

This is the scenery Dan Willson (aka Withered Hand) and Lieven Scheerlinck (aka a Singer of Songs) were dropped in by the Barcelona based label Son Canciones in September 2016. They were given one week to get acquainted, become friends, write six songs, record them and plant some garlic while they were at it.

After five days of hard labor, Frank Rudow joined them in the dusty studio in the attic of the farm. The songs were recorded in two days, mostly in one take and without special effects. Straight from the soil into your headphones.

"About Withered Hand: The UK's best lyricist."
King Creosote, The Independent
"About A SInger Of Songs: Melancholic tales told with talent"
Juan Manuel Freire, El Periódico
"About Withered Hand: Endlessly loveable stuff"
"About A Singer Of Songs: Lo-fi lullaby folk that falls on the ears as gently as snowflakes"
Metro UK
"About Withered Hand: Artist to watch"
Rolling Stone
"About A Singer of Songs:Brilliant. He never stops innovating"
Albert Puig, iCat