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Zoe Boekbinder & Dustin Hamman - Among Horses II

Zoe Boekbinder & Dustin Hamman

Among Horses II

Son Canciones

Released: 23rd February 2018 | 6 track lo-fi ep

A farm in the middle of nowhere. Sixty Spanish horses grazing peacefully on the hills. Pine trees as far as the eye can see. Two musicians, strangers until they got here, sitting in the sun with two guitars and one notebook. This is where and how Among Horses II was written and recorded. American songwriters Zoe Boekbinder and Dustin Hamman (leader of the band Run On Sentence) were dropped in a horse farm near Barcelona by the Spanish label Son Canciones. They were given one week to get to know each other, write six new songs and record them. The result is an EP of staggering beauty, the second in a series of many collaborations among horses. Lo-fi indie folk for a day of lazy grazing in the sun.

"Zoe's voice is ageless, beautiful, heartbreaking and wise."
Neil Gaiman
"Hamman’s visions of folk music are realized with rich imagery and entrancing instrumentation, as he crafts vivid storylines and long strings of compelling narration."
Claire Blaustein, NPR
"Zoe sounds a little like Jolie Holland dancing on Billie Holiday's gramophone player in Tom Waits's New Orleans hotel room."
Newt Lynn, Prescott AZ Weekly Paper
"Dustin Hamman’s music throughout is simply perfect."
Pretty Clever Films
"Zoe Boekbinder sings with confidence, authority and a wisdom that seems informed by years of regret."