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JR & PH7 - The Standard
CD Album
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JR & PH7

The Standard

Below System

Released: 20th November 2015 | 17 track underground rap/hip-hop album

JR&PH7 – The Standard feat. Guilty Simpson, Black Milk, Planet Asia, Edo.G,
Oddisee, Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) and many

Supercity, the artist collective, homebase of the Waxolutionists and
new label from vienna, is back with a brandnew release. Just ready for
springtime, this will blow your ears hopefully! Included in this package
you´ll find the debut album of two german HipHop producers, who go by
the names of JR&PH7, entitled The Standard.

If you remember the first Groove Attack compilation Superrappin you´ll
catch pretty exactly, what this joint is all about. The warm sound of the
album is deeply rooted in 70s funk & soul music and influenced by the
golden age of HipHop. True to the heart HipHop tunes, that work well
either in HipHop clubs or at home, as of course in your portable music
device or in your car. This is not about bling, fancy ringtones and all
that, it´s about rappers, who got something to say. Groovy beats and
soulful sampling combined with heavy drumming make this album a
listening pleasure for the audience and JR&PH7´s mission pretty
simple: It´s about where you´re at, not where you´re from. Real music
for real people.

The featurette on The Standard is huge, with numerous well known
U.S. underground HipHop artists and guest vocalists such as Rakaa
Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Planet Asia, Edo G., Guilty Simpson,
Skyzoo, Black Milk, just to name a few.

Pan-european, we´re looking forward to bring you a fine piece of music
with The Standard, scheduled for March 2009 digitally, as well as on
CD! Don´t hesitate to send us feedback or ask for more