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The Revelations - Soul 111 / Lively
7" Vinyl

The Revelations

Soul 111 / Lively


Released: 23rd September 2013 | 2 track funk single

The fifth instalment in Schema's 45rpm series features two tracks

taken from the upcoming LP The Revelations from the namesake


Little is known about this band, but once you hear Gerardo's versions

you might want to google them...

Soul 111 and Lively had been picked up and reworked by Gerardo

Frisina, who delivers his treatment of these groovy tracks.

Soul 111 is a long journey through cinematic atmospheres where a

rock guitar, a dreamy vibraphone and a steady groove will take you


Lively is an easygoing track that leads us straight in the Italian

cinemas of the 70s - the sound is fresh and it's perfect for these last

days of summer heat...