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Zalla (Piero Umiliani) - Produzione
12" Vinyl

Zalla (Piero Umiliani)


Schema SCEB Series

Released: 24th March 2017 | 3 track jungle/drum 'n' bass ep

Listening today to Piero Umiliani's music is an experience that we wouldn't hesitate to define 'totalizing' and 'revealing'. Totalizing, because Umiliani's music career has ranged through a myriad of genres; revealing, because any listener can immediately realize how his extensive production was way ahead of its time and still very actual today, now that a few decades have passed.

Produzione is the LP Problemi d'oggi opening track, originally released in 1973 on Umiliani's Liuto Records label under the pseudonym of Zalla, one of many under which the artist used to hide at the time. The track can be found in its original version at the beginning of side B: it's an amazing mix of acoustic percussion and electronic experimentation, considered by some as the first example of techno / trance music ever recorded.

This song, along with Attività, another excerpt from Problemi d'oggi, has been 'reworked' by Gerardo Frisina, who cleverly extends the original content by mixing it with contemporary electronic sensations. The result, packaged in an artwork inspired by the original 1973 release, are two tracks in which the '70s avant-garde and today's music blend with surprising ease.