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Alex Puddu - Registrazioni Al Buio (feat. Edda Dell'Orso)
Vinyl LP

Alex Puddu

Registrazioni Al Buio (feat. Edda Dell'Orso)

Schema SCEB Series

Released: 23rd September 2013 | 13 track soundtracks album

This album is an amazing journey into the world of

soundtracks and library music of the 70s. In French they

would call it Music pour l'image and this term gives you

the exact idea of the deeply evocative potential of this

sequence of notes does have.

Registrazioni al Buio is indeed a fresh and charming

recording by a talented musician and gifted producer who

brings new life to old sounds by restyling, merging, and

mixing old and new musical intuitions. The result is

somehow familiar if you loved the works of Lesiman,

Bacalov, Pisano or the infinite genius of the maestro

Morricone and his old time friend Alessandroni, but at the

same time it sounds new, with echoes of 'No wave'


"I especially dig 'Mirror Madness' perfect late night jam."
Matt Fleeger, KMHD