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Gianni Oddi - Style
Vinyl LP
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Gianni Oddi


Schema SCEB Series

Released: 7th July 2014 | 11 track jazz-funk album

Like Richard Oliver's Dicky Oliver, Style was an LP

released on the RCA Italy catalogue.

Style, is an extremely rare album which was not conceived for

sale but for synchronisation purpose only. This was quite

common at those times, with many labels producing music for

film, radio and tv and consequently pressing limited quantities of

wax, which became rapidly collectible.

Popoff is a superb example of italian 70s Jazz Funk infused

with a characteristic Progressive flavour, which was a trending

genre at that time.

Among the eleven tracks of the LP Notte a Bagdad and

Kimono Pop present wicked grooves and evocative


Originally released in 1974 now this highly sought-after title is

again available on Schema Easy Series.