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Brugnolini - Torossi - Musica per Commenti Sonori
Vinyl LP

Brugnolini - Torossi

Musica per Commenti Sonori

Schema SCEB Series

Released: 7th October 2016 | 12 track film scores album

Musica per commenti sonori is a cult series within the diverse world of Italian library music. In the late sixties and seventies, the small record label Costanza Records has published several releases precisely focusing on 'background music', including works of great composers such as Peppino De Luca, Roberto Pregadio, Franco Micalizzi, Vito Thomas, Giancarlo Thomas Puccio Roelens, Riccardo Luciani, and by the protagonists of this long-time due reissue: Sandro Brugnolini and Stefano Torossi.

The two musicians, who had also worked together on the masterpiece Feelings (1974), have often collaborated and delivered some of the best Italian library music of all time. Musica per commenti sonori is certainly one of the most interesting. On the two equally split sides of this LP, the first for Torossi and the second for Brugnolini (but it seems that this partition was exclusively dictated by legal demands), there are twelve amazing tracks that will excite lovers of the wildest funk, producers in search of rare breaks, and those with a penchant for the psycho-beat atmospheres of the sixties.

Among the most heated tracks featured on Torossi's side, we can't pass over the amazing Sweet-Beat, Interrupted (perhaps the best track of the album) and Repetition while Polyphony, Motuproprio and the closing track Flyer shine on Brugnolini's. Virtually impossible to find, even at astonishing prices, this reissue puts back into the market one of the best examples of 'The Italian Art of Library Music': a genre worldwide envied and collected.