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Gerardo Frisina - Moderno Primitivo
12" Vinyl

Gerardo Frisina

Moderno Primitivo


Released: 1st April 2013 | 3 track latin pop ep

Gerardo Frisina goes back to the roots of the sound which has made him famous worldwide: the latin sound of classics like Descarga or The Latin Kick (both previously released on Schema).

Moderno Primitivo is an EP about the encounter of the ancient Afro-cuban tradition (the core of Frisina's artistic DNA) with a refined electronic taste. This component enriches drums and percussions and gives more edge to the whole production with details like pads and effects.

In Moderno Primitivo the latin ensemble headed by Frisina takes us into a jam session where percussions, piano and trombone play happily.

The Latin House Mix is a club version where the rhythmic element and the groove take control of the mix. The melody is broken and a Hammond plays over a ostinato bass. The flavour is definetely tribal.

Cogele El Ritmo is a trip into Frisina's latin world. Slower than Moderno Primitivo, still has a solid hook to the dancefloor and is a triumph of joy and colour.