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Gerardo Frisina - Passion Dance/Space in Time
12" Vinyl

Gerardo Frisina

Passion Dance/Space in Time


Released: 28th July 2014 | 2 track downtempo ep

Two Killer Tracks for thedancefloor

This release anticipate the 5thstudio album Movement

After his recent efforts on our 7 series, Gerardo comes back with an

EP on Schema, just in time to spoil our ears with these two fresh


Passion Dance is a dreamy house track. The dazing atmospheres

and the delicate piano remind a bit the New York style while rhythm

and the jazzy flavour are undoubtedly Gerardoʼ s trademark sound.

Space in Time literally takes us on a journey: a persistent groove, the

charming vocals by Francesca Sortino and evocative sounds.

Another excursion into the exotic dreamscapes of Gerardo Frisina.