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Akira Rabelais - Hollywood

Akira Rabelais


Schoolmap Records

Released: 10th April 2008 | 1 track minimal/glitch album
The birth of Akira Rabelais' Hollywood has its roots in the composer's lifelong interest in field recordings and in the desire to create a piece of work dedicated to Los Angeles: Texas born Rabelais has used a Tascam recorder to capture almost four hours worth of sounds on Hollywood Boulevard, between Betty Grable's and of Rod Serling's stars. These original recordings have been lightly edited, cut and mastered into a composition that encapsulates the sounds of casual chats, drunken tourists, peddlers, passing cars, music coming from surrounding shops. An extremely dynamic and always changing soundscape dedicated to the pleasure of being present. Akira Rabelais, composer and software devoleper based in Los Angeles, has released records on Ritornell, Orthlorng Musork and Samadhisound. He has collaborated, among others, with Björk, David Sylvian, Harold Budd and Stephan Mathieu.