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Gerardo Frisina - Hi Note
Vinyl LP

Gerardo Frisina

Hi Note


Released: 17th June 2013 | 8 track bossa nova album

Hi Note contains eleven new compositions plus the cover of Harrington's Beyond The Moon. The album represents an evolution of the personal Latin jazz sound that makes this artist's productions so distinguished. Differently from his previous album, Ad Lib , here there is a larger number of contributions by many musicians. First and foremost Luigi Bonafede, with Gerardo since the times of the Neos project; Andrea Dulbecco (already present in Ad Lib); Emanule Cisi (on sax). The presence of these very proficient jazz players coincided, in a cause and effect relationship with the progressive dismissal of the easy listening/lounge stylist elements in favor of the recovery of the warmth of Latin jazz.