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Soulstance - Lead the Way
Vinyl LP


Lead the Way


Released: 23rd February 2018 | 10 track latin & world jazz album

The hard work of 3 long years gave Soulstance the possibility to gather a lot of material to focus on and develop new compositions, with a sound in connection to the three previous albums. They managed to refine their disposition in blending melodies with rhythms; at times in a swinging bopping jazz with latin-house shades at others in cool bop. Some moments are spiritual and modal; others are emotional in dreamy atmospheres. The musicians dialogue between latin jazz harmonies and dance-floor percussive grooves. They are moved by improvisation, which is a natural flow of the passionate feelings involved in the artistic development of compositions. In a great crescendo the listeners are engaged in the great parade of sounds presented by Soulstance with skilful care and great artistic sensitivity.

The compositions in Lead The Way express different angles of the same perspective towards what is today generally referred as 'nu-jazz'. Substantially is the mere natural evolution of a music language, which starts form solid grounds, gets contaminated by multiple experimentations in various directions, to go back to great music of the past. Soulstance's objective is to fill with emotions and involvement the listeners; either they are connoisseurs or complete strangers to the broadest sounds horizons.